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16X32 Inground Pool Complete Package
INSTALLED  $17,595.00
8'Built in Stairs w/Rail- 3 Step Ladder
1 hp Hayward Super Pump & Filter
Test Kit- Double Main Drain
4'Concrete Patio Around Pool with 8'End

Inground Liner Replacement
28 Mil/25 Year Warranty
16X32        $2,436
18X36        $2,545
20X40        $2,749

Above Ground Pool Special
24' Installed $3,795
Welcome to Rickys' Pools
For more than 25 years, Ricky’s Pools has been proudly servicing Greenville swimming pools. We take pride in our work and believe that the customers' needs and satisfaction are of the highest priority. Our business aims to provide complete swimming pool care to fulfill our customers’ needs in one location. Quality work at low prices is the motto we adhere to here at Ricky’s Pools and we strive to fulfill that motto to the fullest extent. 

We offer a wide variety of services and products through our company. In our store, we have many products, including chemicals, equipment, and parts and if we do not have what the customer needs we can get it in a timely matter (if not same day then within a couple of days). There are knowledgeable and able staff on our sales floor to help you with any questions or to perform water testing free of charge. If you have a problem with your water, bring the water in to be tested and get a detailed report and professional advice on how to fix all your pool water problems. 

Here at Ricky’s Pools, we can provide full service for all your pool needs at your home. Our knowledgeable technicians can come to your home and diagnose your problems and repair them on-site. There is no problem too big that we cannot solve. Swimming pool repair service such as liner replacements, inground pool maintenance, concrete work, tile work, PVC work for pools, repair work on pool equipment, weekly maintenance, and sand changes are just a few examples of the services we do on a routine basis. 
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Unsure about getting an in-ground pool? Visit the store or call to get a tour of some of the pools we have completed in the area. 

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